“I Didn’t Have Sex With Angelo In The BBA House” Beverly Osu


Beverly Osu tells Punch

“Angelo and I never had sex.I
didn’t have sex in the house. I
never had sex in the house.
But we saw the two of you in
the bath tub, making love
We didn’t have sex. It was not an
option for us. I don’t know
where the people outside got the
story from. I was shocked when
I came out of the house and
learnt that we had sex. I cannot
take my bath with a swimming
suit. We all take our bath naked.
I shouldn’t be singled out
because I went for a reality
show. I am not different.”

What of all the other intimate things
you did with Angelo? Didn’t you
mind that the whole world was

Whatever I was doing with Angelo, I
didn’t even think I was on TV. It was
just the two of us. We didn’t plan
anything, we were just happy. No
matter how people will look at it, I
don’t regret anything I did with
Angelo. I didn’t bring out the video
and said everybody should look at me.

Big Brother brought out the video.
How come it was Angelo you fell in
love with in the house?

I had so many options to choose from
in the house but I wasn’t attracted to
any of them. But for some reasons I
still do not understand, I fell in love
with Angelo. I got attracted to him
from the first day I saw him. For now,
I will see where the relationship will
take us.

So, you don’t mind the difference in

There is no race when it comes to love.
I can always go there and he can come

Don’t you think you embarrassed
Nigeria in the house?

I was in the house to represent
Nigeria. Of all the people that went for
the audition, I was chosen. If anybody
feels he can do better, he should go
and get BBA form next year and apply
and get in the house. I know I
represented Nigeria very well.

You said so many things in the house.
Were they all true or were you looking
for sympathy?

I am a shy person. I shy away from a
lot of things. But I was ‘open’ in the
house. I say what is on my mind. For
me to reveal myself to the world, I was
just talking to my housemates. I don’t
regret anything I said about myself or
my family. People have to know the
real me.

You mentioned something about a
boyfriend that abused you. Were you
referring to 2shots?

No. I wasn’t referring to him. For me,
2shots is history. Thank you for
reminding me about him.

Is your mother happy with you?

Even if the whole world rejects me, my
mother cannot reject me. I love her so
much. I am her only daughter and last
born. She has always been there for
me. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my
mum intentionally


Were there things you did in the
house you regret?

Nothing. I don’t have any regrets. I
was in a beautiful house. I loved
Melvin. He was the best in the house.
Meeting everybody in the house was a
blessing. I don’t regret anything.

What would you have done with the
prize money if you had won?

I would have finished school. I would
have started my make-up line. Trust
me; I would have done a lot of things.
Everybody has a degree. I must get a
degree. With my degree, I can go
further and do anything I want to do.   

Beverly So Cameras Don De Lie Abi? Haha! I laugh.

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