Ese Walter Writes Again! “Going Forward”


Ese Walter writes again! (For those who don’t know Ese Walter check Here and Here)

Ese wrote this on her Blog yesterday:

“The past week has ‘killed’ me. It
has stripped me of whatever
‘self-importance’ I nursed in the
corners of my mind. It has
broken me and opened me up to
my real self. It has brought me to
a deeper level of self-awareness,
one I am most grateful for.

When I sat with my MacBook to
type my last blog, I never
imagined it would generate the
kind of attention it did and
continues to. I have one last
thing to say on this issue before I
lay it to rest and move on. (I also
hope others can move on too, we
have too much going on in this
Country to continue to peddle
one for longer than necessary.)

A very big thank you to everyone
that has felt it necessary to talk about this issue and spread it throughout Nigeria and the foreign scene. I read
every email sent to me with awe that
people would take the time out to
reach a total stranger like me. Some
were cursing, calling me a witch from
the pit of hell sent to destroy the
church as though one individual/
church is bigger than the body of
Christ. As though God is mere
man and would cringe in heaven
saying, “Ese don did it this time.” Or as
if the good Book didn’t state clearly
that ALL things work out for good for
those that love God.
Do you love God? If yes, trust that it
will ALL turn around for good.

Some people say, ‘I support you, you
are brave and courageous’ and I
wonder if those terms really define
me. I do not think I am brave or
courageous. I do know, however that
after decades of sleepwalking through
life, I am now becoming aware not just
of myself but also of my environment,
my world, and the universe.
Some say, put out the evidence and
we will believe you. Hmmm, the
morning I sat to write that post, I
really didn’t expect anyone to believe
me. Well, apart from those involved.
And my motive was simple, let one
more woman be spared. Let one more
minister of the gospel be mindful and
let the church rise up to its
responsibilities as God’s
legal representatives here in the earth
A copy of the ‘evidence’ is with
a respected minister of the gospel
should the christian body decide to
deal with this issue now and that
becomes needful. I am not looking to
have a ‘me against them’ case where I
need to prove I’m right and someone
is wrong. I am far from right, but I
have used the only means available to
me to free myself of the bondage I put
myself in.

Lastly, to all the media people seeking
interviews and whatever else mailing
me, I have nothing more to say on this
issue. I cannot reply every email as
reading them is beginning to seem like
a new job.
I remember asking a friend once
while reading the book of Acts, “Why
do we no longer operate in the power
the disciples did in Jesus day?” What
has changed? How do we ‘unchange’
God is not mocked, if we serve
Him, let’s serve Him. We cannot
continue to grow as a Nation by
oppressing, delaying justice, hating,
having the ME ME ME mentality. As
Martin Luther King Jr said, ‘no one is
free until we are all free.’

Things have got to change and
it begins with us. It begins with each
and every one of us borrowing
courage to stand for what we believe
in. Fela Durotoye once said, ‘that thing
that annoys you most in society is a
sign that you carry its solution.’ (I’m
Nothing has called out to me
more than people, especially women,
suffering in some way and hiding the
pain. Whatever we cover doesn’t go
away. It grows and it finds different
outlets to rear its ugly head until we
deal with it.
I am not perfect, I will never be, but I
am enough to try what I feel might
work. I don’t know what the entire
bible says but I am learning and
applying the little I find out
daily. And I think everyone owes it to
himself or herself to figure it out for
At the end of the day, we agree that
‘men of God’ are firstly men, right?
This means it’s needless expecting
them to help you in your growth
with God. I fell into that trap of
thinking a ‘man of God’ is equated to
God and it is not new to find people
fall in that hole.
How do you begin to learn to serve
a God you have never seen? It takes
another level of faith to do that but we
live in a generation/Country where
people don’t want to study for
themselves. They don’t want to read
the Scriptures. Well, they don’t want to
read, period. They want to pursue
things instead and have somebody do
the praying and studying for them. If
you fall in that category, you need to

I learnt that when the veil was
torn, we all were given equal access to
the Father. No matter how long you
may have been in church, if you don’t
know what that means you better ask
somebody. And seek a real relationship
with the God you claim to serve.
That is what I am spending most of my
time doing these days. Praying,
studying, seeking, knocking. The
peace I have felt despite all the hate
mails and tantrums shows that God is
not angry with me and I did what I
needed to do to the best of my

My apologies to everyone this has
affected in one way or another.
Firstly, my family: I don’t know how
you guys aren’t sick of me yet
Secondly, ‘the body of Christ,’ my
intention was never to cause trouble
but to stop a rot I felt might spread and
become worse if nobody spoke up
about it.

Lastly, to those who said I shouldn’t
blog again, I respect and understand
your concerns but the truth is, writing
is not just my gift, it is also my
‘curse’. I cannot ‘NOT’ write but I
PROMISE, this is the last I will say on
this issue except the christian body
needs to see me.
God is building His church, and
the gates of hell shall not prevail
against it. No sin is too big to wreck
anyone’s faith. If it does, then it means
it’s working out a greater good for
you. You will definitely come out
stronger and better in the end. Like my
best friend says “in the end, it will be
all right and if it ain’t alright, it’s
notthe end.”
“…forgetting those things which are
behind, and reaching forth unto those
things which are before, I press toward
the mark for the prize of the high
calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Paul.

Cheers to the weekend people.

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