#SecondLady Claiming Affair With Pastor Biodun Says Her Life Is Being Threatened! Releases Statement


Franca E is the second lady that said
she too was a victim of Pastor Biodun’s
affairs with his church members.
(If you missed the first,click HERE)

And according to a statement she sent
Stella Dimokokorkus, she has been told
she should not have come out to
support Ese Walters and her
allegations that she had sexual contact
with Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of
COZA…Friends have disowned her,
family is pressurizing her.

She is fading into oblivion because of
the way it has turned out, but just
before she vanishes, here’s what she
has to say……….no one will be hearing
from her again unless she turns up

My encounter with Pastor
Biodun had been a long dead
and buried issue. I only
commented because people were
calling Ese a liar and I knew first
hand that something like that
had nearly happened to me.
However, now they are involving
my family especially my sick
Whatever meeting whoever had
with my father has no bearing
on my life because he does NOT
speak for me. For those sending
me threatening texts, what I
possess is my best security. I
have taken the precaution of
making copies of all that I have
and entrusted it to two people
who would send them out if I
turn up dead…be it from armed
robbery, kidnapping, sickness,
poison, planecrash, heart attack,
car accident or even childbirth.
As my last word on this issue, I
remind you that I, Franca E, is
protected by ‘a level of grace you
don’t understand’! Peace.

Here’s Franca’s version of her affair
with Pastor Biodun:

This Ese Walters story is true. I
was introduced to the church in
Abuja by my childhood friend,
who moved to Abuja from
Calabar two years before I did.
When I joined, she was also a
PCU worker.

I really felt welcome in the
church up until my friend started
having problems with other
women. She told me it was
because Pastor Biodun trusted
her with so many official things
even above workers that were
there before her.
I believed her until the day she
had an misunderstanding with
another worker who called her
‘Ashewo Mary Magdalene’ in the
church. After that, her
enthusiasm for church started
waning while mine was getting
stronger till the day she told me
she was leaving the church and
shortly after she left.

By that time, Pastor Biodun had
developed an interest in
counseling me and then started
telling me to take my friend’s
place as a PCU worker. I was
reluctant because I didnt feel like
coming to church early and
leaving late but Pastor Zbiodun
assured me that his personal
driver will pick me and drop me
off and so I agreed. I started
work as arranged but after a
while, I noticed that the pastor
did not respect personal space
when talking to me when we
were alone.

He would stand soooooo close
and rub my upper arms or my
back which made me very
uncomfortable. The final straw
was when he said I should go
with him to Lagos to take notes
and transfer same online
immediately for some Pentacostal
thing he was attending and he
knew I was very computer
I was excited till we reached
Lagos and I realized that only
one room was booked at the
Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi. Of
course I complained and the
Pastor called the front desk ( or
pretended to) to demand for
another room. He said they
would call back when the room
was ready. He then told me to
help massage his back becos he
has back ache from sitting on the
flight. I said I was tired since it
was already after 8. He then
insisted I lay down on the bed to
rest while waiting. I said I
preferred to sit at the desk and
he laughed saying that I was
acting like a small girl or a
village uneducated girl. He then
went in to take a shower.
I then called the front desk to
remind then about the extra
room. I wasn’t surprised when I
was told that they had vacant
rooms and that nobody had
requested for an extra room. By
this time, I knew what was up
and was ready for the fool.
I opened his pouch and saw his
wallet which had his lisence.
Took a picture of the wallet and
the Licence on the pillow on the
bed with my head in the shot. I
opened the door and took
several pictures of myself, the
wallet and the Licence with the
room number. Came back in,
once I heard the shower stop, I
started audio recording on my

He came out with a towel
around his waist and started
telling me how attracted he was
to me. He said many deregatory
things about his wife, calling her
a postcard…pretty on the
outside but flat and empty
upstairs. He said sex with her
was like having sex with a cold
dead fish…he tried to kiss me
and I stood up, picked up my
travelling bag, moved to the
door, opened it and quickly took
a picture of him, standing with a
towel around him.
He started begging. I called him
all sorts of names and insisted he
give me money for a separate
room or I would scream ‘rape’.
To cut a long story short, he
asked me to shut the door, I
refused, he brought out 2
bundles of N1000 and asked me
to delete before he gives me the
money. I told him he was in no
position to negotiate.
Got the money, left the Randy
goat with a deflated erection and
checked into another room. First
thing the next morning, I left for
By the way, remember my
childhood friend that introduced
me to COZA? I narrated my
experience to her and she
confessed that she was sleeping
with Biodun for over a year,
even on his marital bed when his
wife travelled.
Oga Pastor, try and deny my
story publicly and see American
wonder….I still have the pictures
and our conversation on tape.
Thank God for technology!!!!!!
Franca E.

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