Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Speaks On Ese Walter’s Allegations Today In Church


Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of Common
Wealth Of Zion Assembly was in
Church this morning and commented
on Ese Walter’s accusations. He said he
will make an official statement soon.
Below is what he said to his

“…I am sure you have read a lot
about me on Twitter and social
networks. You can’t imagine
how many people have called
me…everyone is telling me, don’t
talk, that is the painful part but
because I am your pastor and I
don’t like to take you for
granted, I still want to bend it a
little bit to talk about it. Even up
until this morning, calls from
everywhere, even when I switch
off my phone, they call my
associates, tell him to ignore it,
he should just move on. Some
have been to our land and they
are like wow, we understand”

Church erupts into clapping &
Pastor Fatoyinbo continues…

“Now read my lips, I know there
are people here that are not part
of our church, read my lips, we
are going to speak but we
are consulting to come out with
a robust reply. Before then I will
not say anything, but I owe it to
you as members that have made
me proud and have made God

Church erupts into clapping &

“One thing you can be sure of is
that my wife and I love u.”

Church erupts into clapping &

“Now you may sit down and say,
why would they tell you that, in
the first place. From this pulpit
there are some things we don’t
say. Maybe you remember that 2
years ago, we lost somebody in
our family, I came to church, I
preached, I danced, I didn’t say
it. That was even deeper for me
because my destiny is not in
anybody’s hand…that loss was
deeper for me than even this and
I didn’t talk so don’t think it is a
makeup. That is what we have
been asked to do. When we
asked God, God said be quiet.
Thank you”

Church erupts into clapping &

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