Behold The Samsung Smart Watch Set To Come In Five Different Colours


Samsung may have a sizeable chunk of
the global smartphone market but the
South Korean tech giants are not about to
rest on their oars as they’re set to release
a line of smart watches.
The device which will reportedly be
called the Galaxy Gear will come in five
different colours including white,
orange, grey, black and an exclusive
white gold. Above all is the functionality
of the watches; in addition to serving as a
timepiece and fashion accessory, users of
the smartwatch will be able to make calls,
send emails and surf the web all with the
smart watch.
The part techno gadget and fashion
accessory is set to be released either in
the last week of September or early
October. With Google glasses and now
the Samsung smart watch, its clear that
tech giants are gradually shifting focus
from just phones, tablets and computers
serving as communication tools. Rather,
tech companies are now exploring the
notion of fashion accessories serving as
techno gadgets, thereby bridging the gap
between fashion and technology.
So, would you rock a Samsung smart

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