“Terrorists Invent Breast Implant Bombs” – Reports


Terrorism seems to have taken a
new dimension with the discovery
that terrorists have developed
explosives that can be implanted in
female’s breasts and could go
undetected by the best of airport
According to an intelligence
intercepted by the United
Kingdom security agency,
exclusively reported by The
Mirror, al-Qaeda’s chief bomb-
maker, Ibrahim al-Asiri, might
have developed explosives that
could be concealed in implants or
body cavities, with airlines flying
out of London said to be at high
risk. The report added that the
terror group might have ¬also
developed an undetectable liquid
explosive that could be soaked into
It was revealed at the weekend
that the ability of the breast
explosives to go unnoticed by
airport scanners was a real source
of concern for airport security
agencies, with the editor of
Security International, Philip
Baum, noting that “body scanners
are good at identifying objects
outside the body but not inside
and the possibility of medically
implanted explosives is a concern
to the industry.”
Although an explosive expert,
Andy Oppenheimer, noted that it
was not yet clear what the new
body devices could be, but “there
is a great fear that al-Qaeda are
planning on using internal devices
to try and get through airport
scanners. These explosives could
be in breast implants.”
Another specialist said breast
implant bombs could be set off by
injecting another liquid. The
expert added: “Both are very
difficult to pick up with current
technology and they are petrified
al-Qaeda are a step ahead here. It’s
pretty top secret and potentially
very grisly and ghastly.”

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