Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Account Hacked


A Palestinian programmer has
highlighted a flaw in Facebook’s
security system by posting a
message on Mark Zuckerberg’s
private page.
Khalil Shreateh used a vulnerability
he discovered to hack the account
of the Facebook founder and raise
the alarm. He had tried to use
Facebook’s White Hat scheme,
which offers a monetary reward
for reporting vulnerabilities, but
had been ignored.
Mr Shreateh found a security
breach that allowed Facebook
users to post messages on the
private “walls” of people who had
not approved them as “friends”,
overriding the site’s privacy

In the post, Mr Shreateh, whose
first language is Arabic, said he
was “sorry for breaking your
privacy and post to your wall” but
that he had “no other choice” after
being ignored by Facebook’s
security team.
Facebook said it had fixed the fault
but would not be paying Mr
Shreateh because he had used the
accounts of real people to report
the bug without their permission.

Read More At Telegraph

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