Iranian Woman Disqualified From Election For Being Too Beautiful



27 year old architect Nina Siahkali
Moradi finished 14th among
163candidates in a city council
election in Iran but was told a
week later that all votes for her
were nullified.
According to The Times of
London, after news spread that
Moradi had been elected, religious
conservatives petitioned to have
her disqualified because she’s ‘too
attractive.’ and would be a cause of
distraction. “We don’t want a
catwalk model on the council,” a
senior official in Qazvin said.
The review board later claimed
Nina was disqualified not because
she was too attractive but because
of her ‘non-observance of Islamic
codes’. Some who opposed her
election said she had only been
elected because she is young and
A law expert in Qazvin, told Iran
Wire that the review board
violated election law with its
decision to bar Moradi from taking
a seat.

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Men For Being Too Handsome.

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