Could This Be True? Lina Medina: The 5-Year-Old Mother


Lina Vanessa Medina Medina Lopez
made history back in May 1939 as the
youngest mother known to man at the
age of 5 years old. At first, the parents
of the young Lina Medina thought
their young daughter was suffering
from an abdominal tumor. Her father
took her to hospital after the shamans
in their remote village of Ticrapo
District in Peru failed to find a cure for
To everyone’s bewilderment, the five-
year old Lina was the mother of a baby
boy a little over a month
Medina herself was born on September
27, 1933 in a little village called
Paurange. At the time of giving birth to
her first born, Medina was five years
and seven months old. Coincidentally,
she delivered on Mothers’ Day of May
14, 1939. For those of us thinking far
ahead, the delivery was done by
caesarean. The boy child, weighing
2,700 grams, was in perfect condition
and healthy. Mother and baby left the
clinic after just a few days.
Those thinking of blackballing their
young daughters can be on the lookout
for these early warning signs. Medina
began menstruating at the age of 8
months, believe it or not, breast and
pubic hair started developing at the age
of four years, her bone hardening was
quite advanced and body proportions
were a bit incredible. These are some
of the signs of premature pregnancy.
The boy, named Gerardo after one of
the doctors who attended to his young
mother, discovered at the age of 10 that
the person whom he all along took to
be his bigger sister was in fact his
mother. Gerardo passed away in 1979
aged 40 years from a bone marrow
disease. It could not be established if
there was a link to his being born by
such a young mother.
Medina got married in 1972 and was
blessed with a second son who
currently resides in Mexico. This was
33 years after bearing the first


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