Big Sean Talks Reaction To “Control”


It has been fire after the release of Control by Big Sean. Some many hip hop heads has been reacting to Kendrick Lamar’s verse. This is Big Sean’s reaction.

“I knew what it was for the culture of hip hop,” said rapper.

Kendrick Lamar may have snatched the shine with his verse on Big Sean’s “Control,” but Big Sean knew that’s what
would happen. “I had my verse on there first,” he told Vibe TV. “I sent it to Kendrick, Jay Elec, too. And then Kendrick sent that verse back … so when I heard it I was kind of just like cracking up, I was like, ‘Alright, that’s what it need to get back to, it need to get back to hip hop, that culture.'” The song was released as a promo for the pre-sale of his Hall of Fame album. After he realized it couldn’t be placed on the album itself, he leaked it to Funkmaster
Flex and then the Internet. The song’s gotten Twitter responses from Diddy to Joey Bada$$ and, so far, a lyrical response from Joell Ortiz and even a guitar lick from B.o.B . “I knew what it was for the culture of hip hop,” he said. “You see how excited
people are, and I wanted to do that for music, make that play happen. It gave me
the feeling of how hip hop was. How it
used to be.”
The Detroit MC said, in fact, he has so
much respect for the culture, that not
only was not releasing the song not an
option, but he definitely wasn’t going to
change it even after hearing K. Dot’s
murderous verse.
“Kendrick is my homie, just like he said,
we all homies, but it’s all sport … When I
heard his verse I wasn’t about to go back
and change my verse, that’s cheating. I
could [go back and] name drop … I
could cut his verse up, but that ain’t the
way of an O.G. That ain’t how G’s
move … If three people hop on a song,
someone’s gonna have a standout verse
always, whether it’s ‘All Me,’ whether it’s
‘Clique,’ whether it’s ‘Control’,” he said.
The G.O.O.D. Music rapper’s Hall of
Fame releases Aug. 27.

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