Nigerian Senators Earn N12 Million Annually


The Revenue Mobilisation
Allocation and Fiscal Commission
(RMAFC) has stated that a Senator
earns N12,766,320
yearly. Legislators’ pay has been
the subject of a big controversy,
with some critics alleging that a
senator earns as much as N29.8
million yearly.  This, according to
the RMAFC in a newspaper
advertorial yesterday, is not
The RMAFC said a senator earns
N2,026,400.00 as annual basic
salary, which translates to N168,
866.70 per month. According to
the RMAFC, this has been the
official remuneration package
since February 2007 till date.
However, there are other regular
allowances which have been
calculated as: Motor Vehicle
Fuelling and Maintenance,
N1,519,800.00; personal assistant
N506,600.00, Domestic Staff
N1,519,800.00; Entertainment
N607,920.00;Utilities N607,920.00;
N303,960.00, Wardrobe
N506,600.00; House Maintenance
N101,320.00 and Constituency
allowance N5,066,000.00 making a
total of N12,766,320.00 as the
salary per annum for a Senator.
Other allowances, which are paid
annually or once in four years and
when applicable, are:
Accommodation N4, 052,800.00,
which is paid annually; furniture
allowance N6, 079,200.00 which is
paid once in four years. Also, there
is Duty Tour Allowance, DTA (per
night), which is N37,000. Estacode
(per night) is $950. Recess
allowance is N202,640.00 and
severance gratuity, paid after a
successful completion of tenure, is
N6,079,200.00. A Senator could
also apply for a car loan of N8,
105,600.00 which must be repaid
before the expiration of his tenure.
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