Linda Ikeji In Trouble… Again!


She loves the press so much she even
runs one. We are still fresh with the
fights this famous blogger had with Jim
Iyke  and Richard Mofe Damidjo and I
am guessing we still don’t know who
was telling the truth. Now, Linda Ikeji
has stepped onto another celebrity’s toes;
this time, its female rapper Eva Alordiah.
Apparently, the rapper didn’t find
Linda’s post on her being molested as a
child funny. So, she got on twitter to
clear the air.

Ok, before you get confused, this is what
Linda posted on Eva, that got the rapper
all worked up. Linda heard Eva saying,
“We are such a country that is so blessed
by God. We don’t have earthquake,
volcanoes, tsunami. We are problems to
ourselves and this is disgusting. I come
from a background where I was molested
as a child. Definitely it’s a serious
situation where you have to put a child
through that type of trauma.”
Linda stands on the fact that she heard
the rapper confess on Hot FM Abuja
Breakfast Show on her being a victim of
child molestation and as a supporter of
the #NoChildMarriage Campaign, Linda
brought the story out!


Those lines looked authentic but Eva
claims if she actually needed to put out
that side of her, she could have done it
Where is this cold war headed? Linda
said she was doing her job and Eva
claims she never said any of those things.
So where did the story come from?

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