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New Music: BlaqBonez – Warning (Yung 6ix Diss)



I knew this would happen , but I
didn’t expect a diss track to drop so
soon. Yung6ix – in a Kendrick Lamar-
esque manner – declared himself the
“Best Rapper in Nigeria” earlier today
via twitter , and “rapheads” have been
buzzing ever since. It ‘s a “Warning ” shot
to Yung6 ix for making such a bold
claim. Am I impressed? Hell yes !
Hopefully this will turn out to be a
stepping stone for this new kid on
the block . BlaqBonez 1 -o Yung 6 ix .
Who’s next?


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“I Didn’t Have Sex With Angelo In The BBA House” Beverly Osu


Beverly Osu tells Punch

“Angelo and I never had sex.I
didn’t have sex in the house. I
never had sex in the house.
But we saw the two of you in
the bath tub, making love
We didn’t have sex. It was not an
option for us. I don’t know
where the people outside got the
story from. I was shocked when
I came out of the house and
learnt that we had sex. I cannot
take my bath with a swimming
suit. We all take our bath naked.
I shouldn’t be singled out
because I went for a reality
show. I am not different.”

What of all the other intimate things
you did with Angelo? Didn’t you
mind that the whole world was

Whatever I was doing with Angelo, I
didn’t even think I was on TV. It was
just the two of us. We didn’t plan
anything, we were just happy. No
matter how people will look at it, I
don’t regret anything I did with
Angelo. I didn’t bring out the video
and said everybody should look at me.

Big Brother brought out the video.
How come it was Angelo you fell in
love with in the house?

I had so many options to choose from
in the house but I wasn’t attracted to
any of them. But for some reasons I
still do not understand, I fell in love
with Angelo. I got attracted to him
from the first day I saw him. For now,
I will see where the relationship will
take us.

So, you don’t mind the difference in

There is no race when it comes to love.
I can always go there and he can come

Don’t you think you embarrassed
Nigeria in the house?

I was in the house to represent
Nigeria. Of all the people that went for
the audition, I was chosen. If anybody
feels he can do better, he should go
and get BBA form next year and apply
and get in the house. I know I
represented Nigeria very well.

You said so many things in the house.
Were they all true or were you looking
for sympathy?

I am a shy person. I shy away from a
lot of things. But I was ‘open’ in the
house. I say what is on my mind. For
me to reveal myself to the world, I was
just talking to my housemates. I don’t
regret anything I said about myself or
my family. People have to know the
real me.

You mentioned something about a
boyfriend that abused you. Were you
referring to 2shots?

No. I wasn’t referring to him. For me,
2shots is history. Thank you for
reminding me about him.

Is your mother happy with you?

Even if the whole world rejects me, my
mother cannot reject me. I love her so
much. I am her only daughter and last
born. She has always been there for
me. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my
mum intentionally


Were there things you did in the
house you regret?

Nothing. I don’t have any regrets. I
was in a beautiful house. I loved
Melvin. He was the best in the house.
Meeting everybody in the house was a
blessing. I don’t regret anything.

What would you have done with the
prize money if you had won?

I would have finished school. I would
have started my make-up line. Trust
me; I would have done a lot of things.
Everybody has a degree. I must get a
degree. With my degree, I can go
further and do anything I want to do.   

Beverly So Cameras Don De Lie Abi? Haha! I laugh.

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21-Year-Old Polish Woman Dedicates Her Life To Sleeping With 100,000


This 21-year-old Polish woman Ania
Lisewska has vowed to travel to every
city across the world in a bizarre quest
to sleep with 100,000 men!
According to Huffingtonpost/
DailyMail, Ania Lisewska told the
Austrian Times:

‘I want men from Poland, Europe
and all around the world. I love
sex, fun and men.’In Poland the
subject of sex is still taboo and
anyone who wants to fulfill their
sexual fantasies is considered a
deviant, a w**** or mentally ill.’

Ania embarked on the unusual mission
in her home city last month and has so
far added 284 notches
to her bedpost.

She adds that she hopes to spend at
least 20 minutes with each partner.
Most people don’t believe she can
achieve it though, cos by calculation:

1. Having sex with that many
people for 20 minutes at a
time would take Miss
Lisewska 3.8 years to
complete if she didn’t stop
for food or sleep.

2. Seeing as she only plans to
do it only on Saturdays and
Sundays, the task would
take 20 years non-stop.

3. Assuming she lives to the
age of 81, to hit 100,000
Miss Lisewska would have
to up her quota to around
16 men on both days of the

Reports say Ania’s long time boyfriend
hasn’t dumped her despite her act even
though he’s not thrilled by the idea.

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Ese Walter Writes Again! “Going Forward”


Ese Walter writes again! (For those who don’t know Ese Walter check Here and Here)

Ese wrote this on her Blog yesterday:

“The past week has ‘killed’ me. It
has stripped me of whatever
‘self-importance’ I nursed in the
corners of my mind. It has
broken me and opened me up to
my real self. It has brought me to
a deeper level of self-awareness,
one I am most grateful for.

When I sat with my MacBook to
type my last blog, I never
imagined it would generate the
kind of attention it did and
continues to. I have one last
thing to say on this issue before I
lay it to rest and move on. (I also
hope others can move on too, we
have too much going on in this
Country to continue to peddle
one for longer than necessary.)

A very big thank you to everyone
that has felt it necessary to talk about this issue and spread it throughout Nigeria and the foreign scene. I read
every email sent to me with awe that
people would take the time out to
reach a total stranger like me. Some
were cursing, calling me a witch from
the pit of hell sent to destroy the
church as though one individual/
church is bigger than the body of
Christ. As though God is mere
man and would cringe in heaven
saying, “Ese don did it this time.” Or as
if the good Book didn’t state clearly
that ALL things work out for good for
those that love God.
Do you love God? If yes, trust that it
will ALL turn around for good.

Some people say, ‘I support you, you
are brave and courageous’ and I
wonder if those terms really define
me. I do not think I am brave or
courageous. I do know, however that
after decades of sleepwalking through
life, I am now becoming aware not just
of myself but also of my environment,
my world, and the universe.
Some say, put out the evidence and
we will believe you. Hmmm, the
morning I sat to write that post, I
really didn’t expect anyone to believe
me. Well, apart from those involved.
And my motive was simple, let one
more woman be spared. Let one more
minister of the gospel be mindful and
let the church rise up to its
responsibilities as God’s
legal representatives here in the earth
A copy of the ‘evidence’ is with
a respected minister of the gospel
should the christian body decide to
deal with this issue now and that
becomes needful. I am not looking to
have a ‘me against them’ case where I
need to prove I’m right and someone
is wrong. I am far from right, but I
have used the only means available to
me to free myself of the bondage I put
myself in.

Lastly, to all the media people seeking
interviews and whatever else mailing
me, I have nothing more to say on this
issue. I cannot reply every email as
reading them is beginning to seem like
a new job.
I remember asking a friend once
while reading the book of Acts, “Why
do we no longer operate in the power
the disciples did in Jesus day?” What
has changed? How do we ‘unchange’
God is not mocked, if we serve
Him, let’s serve Him. We cannot
continue to grow as a Nation by
oppressing, delaying justice, hating,
having the ME ME ME mentality. As
Martin Luther King Jr said, ‘no one is
free until we are all free.’

Things have got to change and
it begins with us. It begins with each
and every one of us borrowing
courage to stand for what we believe
in. Fela Durotoye once said, ‘that thing
that annoys you most in society is a
sign that you carry its solution.’ (I’m
Nothing has called out to me
more than people, especially women,
suffering in some way and hiding the
pain. Whatever we cover doesn’t go
away. It grows and it finds different
outlets to rear its ugly head until we
deal with it.
I am not perfect, I will never be, but I
am enough to try what I feel might
work. I don’t know what the entire
bible says but I am learning and
applying the little I find out
daily. And I think everyone owes it to
himself or herself to figure it out for
At the end of the day, we agree that
‘men of God’ are firstly men, right?
This means it’s needless expecting
them to help you in your growth
with God. I fell into that trap of
thinking a ‘man of God’ is equated to
God and it is not new to find people
fall in that hole.
How do you begin to learn to serve
a God you have never seen? It takes
another level of faith to do that but we
live in a generation/Country where
people don’t want to study for
themselves. They don’t want to read
the Scriptures. Well, they don’t want to
read, period. They want to pursue
things instead and have somebody do
the praying and studying for them. If
you fall in that category, you need to

I learnt that when the veil was
torn, we all were given equal access to
the Father. No matter how long you
may have been in church, if you don’t
know what that means you better ask
somebody. And seek a real relationship
with the God you claim to serve.
That is what I am spending most of my
time doing these days. Praying,
studying, seeking, knocking. The
peace I have felt despite all the hate
mails and tantrums shows that God is
not angry with me and I did what I
needed to do to the best of my

My apologies to everyone this has
affected in one way or another.
Firstly, my family: I don’t know how
you guys aren’t sick of me yet
Secondly, ‘the body of Christ,’ my
intention was never to cause trouble
but to stop a rot I felt might spread and
become worse if nobody spoke up
about it.

Lastly, to those who said I shouldn’t
blog again, I respect and understand
your concerns but the truth is, writing
is not just my gift, it is also my
‘curse’. I cannot ‘NOT’ write but I
PROMISE, this is the last I will say on
this issue except the christian body
needs to see me.
God is building His church, and
the gates of hell shall not prevail
against it. No sin is too big to wreck
anyone’s faith. If it does, then it means
it’s working out a greater good for
you. You will definitely come out
stronger and better in the end. Like my
best friend says “in the end, it will be
all right and if it ain’t alright, it’s
notthe end.”
“…forgetting those things which are
behind, and reaching forth unto those
things which are before, I press toward
the mark for the prize of the high
calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Paul.

Cheers to the weekend people.

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Pastor J Of God’s House Abuja Accuses Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Of Past Affairs


For the leaders of this people cause
them to err; and they that are led of
them are destroyed.”
Isaiah 9:16 . Let them alone: they be
leaders of the blind. And if the blind
lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. Matt 15:14

I was going to be silent on this sad,
pathetic but true (in many shades)
allegation against Pastor B and his
popular and trendy ministry.
My silence was borne out of respect
for the kingdom of God and things
that pertain to God. But all this
changed when I heard the horrific
tales of people who had been through the mess of this blind man, and the fact that he had no moral motivation to deny or accept the allegation; all he showed on
Sunday was a demented swagger and
perverse talk.

My sole purpose in writing this piece is to open the eyes of the world and believers to the hypocrisy and nonsense behind the pulpit, and to plea that these wolves and blind men stop deflating the faith of people who Christ
died for.
I am a Pastor, a full time minister at
that, and I shall not sit back while the name of my God, the ministry, and the works of other shepherds is brought to disrepute by the activities, action and inaction of a few blind men behind the pulpit.
I am tired of the nonsense of religion crying out, “touch not my anointed”; does this mean we cannot rebuke ourselves when we err, this much Paul did to Peter when he erred in Galatians
2:11 “But when Peter was come to
Antioch, I withstood him to the face,
because he was to be blamed”.
It is therefore pertinent that I rebuke
the wolves in shepherd’s clothing’s. It is time to set the record straight, and please don’t sell me the bullocks of judge not, I haven’t said anyone is going to hell, but of course if they don’t change, they have only one path.

It is high time we told the truth, which is plain, simple and without coloration. The stories of Franca and Ese is not only true but they are just a few tales of the tantalizing sex escapades of this clergy.
This has been a recurring decimal in
the ministry of the clergyman. This
wasn’t the first time these stories will
come forth, for those old COZA
members, for those who were there
when he was in Ilorin, when the
church moved to Pipeline Road, Ilorin, having left Kwara Hotel, they will remember there was a time when the Pastor was suspended from ministering by his Father in the Lord, Rev Oset of
Canaan Ministries.
Rev. Oset sent guest ministers to the
church every Sunday after that, but
still Pastor B in his deceit will still
minister in the pretence of introducing the guest minister, while he exhorts for minutes.
I therefore laugh in mockery when He says his wife loves him, the woman has no choice. His core circle of Pastor
Wole (Ilorin Chapter, the only man
who maybe clean), and Pastor Flo
(COZA, Lagos) knows of this fact, little wonder Ese said Pastor Flo said he knows about their adventures in that hotel room in London.

This is not the story of a hater; I don’t want or envy anything he has. He cannot ever have what I have and carry; neither do I crave for what he has. I am sure no one in the city of Ilorin, where this man started is bemused by these stories, no one who finished from the University of Ilorin during the period of 2003-2008, and was not a blinded COZA member can
be mightily shocked at these

I have heard tales of many more
victims, I even heard from a woman
who knows five friends who were
victims, I saw it online the other day
of a guy who said he formally works
for him and he knows up to 130
people, outrageous as it may sound
that too is true.
Rev Oset in true conscience cannot
deny the knowledge of these negatives.
But we are a nation of hypocrites and religious folks; we ask no questions of leaders, so they can hide under the canopy of religion, even when they are filthy.
Anyone who asks is rebuked by those who say, the bible says pray. It is sad that those who say pray themselves have not prayed. But Pastor B is just a decimal in an ever mounting number of
wolves in the Church of Christ.
Someone told me yesterday that this
can’t be the end of him and his
tyranny, because even in Ilorin in
those days, the allegation was rolled
under the rug.

On Sunday, August 25, 2013, the man leading certain blind men under the veil of religion and ‘spiritism’ said God
told him not to say anything, he then said they are preparing a robust
response. Who is fooling who? We
must not keep quiet and watch the
bride of Christ, the church, rubbed and undignified in mud and slime by a filthily rich pastor who thinks he can do anything and get away with it. It is a pity that we run sensational
press and media outfit in this country, and that our press is blinded by religion. If this were to be ‘saner’ climes the press would by now be researching, there would by now be investigative journalism. The truth would be dogged up and resurrected to life. For this is not about a mistake that a Pastor made, it is about a filthy man’s way of life.
And then about, “teaching a new level of grace’; please be reminded that Grace is not a license to sin, rather it empowers us to live above sin. Romans 6:1-2 says, “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that gracemay abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?”
In my years of being a Christian,
studying God’s word, preaching the
gospel, listening to sound teachers, I
have not heard of a grace that gives
permission to sin. Stop being deceived, grace is the new dispensation,
according to Hebrew 8:6-12, and under grace we do not follow any written code, law or traditions. That is done away with. The tablet of Moses is over with. But we are not reckless sinners; we are under a new covenant based on
better promises. God’s law is written
in our minds and hearts. We live
according to His dictates.
The Holy Spirit and our conscience
convicts and judges us respectively.
This is the only way we live a holy life. God’s strength and empowerment is
the grace to do according to that
written by God in our hearts and

I write this with a heavy heart, though I wish I never had to write this, but I pray this madness stops. I know many who have stopped going to church,
many whose faith has been derailed by the act of madness of this man, and many blind men like him. If they are not going to heaven, let them stop taking men out of the straight and narrow.
No one understands the pain in
meeting a man, whose faith has been
derailed by a man who was supposed
to help establish him. For such a man, words can’t bring him back, the best we can do is to pray and hope. I indulge the clergy to be of a higher moral standard.
My candid advice to the church at this end time is that the church must grow in knowledge; it’s high time we stopped bamboozling you. You must stop making idols of men. You must stop making men such as I, substitute for the Holy Ghost. Honour us; revere
us… but that is where it ends. Without the Call, the Oil, and the Holy Spirit; we are mere mortal. But know for sure
that this too shall pass; only the truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom abides forever.

For Pastor B and his sense making
COZA people, remember the word of
Christ in Matthew 15:14. How many of
you even live life bearing the fruit of
righteousness. Stop being blind, the
ditch is close by. Look into this case,
ask your pastor questions, seek
genuine answers and not emotional
rhetorics, hold him responsible, and do
not forget the word of God, “then shall
they know if they follow to know…” I
am sure evidence abound. Seek to
know from some key PCU members
(who may need to be deposited in
Gods ICU). Its time you hear not only
about grace, but HOLINESS without
which no one will see the Lord.
Finally don’t bother praying against
me, I can say like Paul, “For me to die
is gain, to live is Christ”, but I cannot
even go now, because I am yet to fully
finish the task set before me. Don’t
waste your time using misguided
scriptural interpretation. This I write
is true, and I am sorry if you don’t
like it. Your Pastor, and every other
wolf whose conscience is not seared
knows it is the complete true.

God bless you.
God bless His Church.
God bless Nigeria

Pastor J
God’s House

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“I’m The Best Rapper In Nigeria” -Yung6ix



Yung6ix thinks he is Nigeria’s best
rapper and he’s trending on Twitter
cos of this.
*You wan be like Kendrick Lamar abi?* LOL

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Video Vixen Says Beverly Osu Is The Worst Dressed Celebrity


Venita Akpofure is a video vixen who appeared in Timaya’s shake ur bum bum video, yea she’s got the bum and also appeared in P-Squares Alingo video. She was asked on camera who are worst dressed celebrity was and this is what she said;

Well she wasn’t really a celebrity until recently, do not know if I should call her name but Beverly Osu that just got evicted from Big Brother House is my worst dressed celebrity.

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Femi Fani Kayode Responds To Bianca Ojukwu’s Threat To Sue Him


Chief Femi Fani Kayode’s response via his spokesperson – Mr Bisi Lawal

This morning Cheif Femi Fani-
Kayode woke up to find a letter
that was published as an
advertorial in Thisday
Newspaper purportedly by
Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu’s
lawyer threatening to sue him
for mentioning her in his article
and claiming that she has never
met him before. She also said
that he was being malicious. The
matter has of course been
reffered to Chief Fani-
Kayode’s lawyers who will now
take it up.
Ordinarily he would have not
have said a word about
this matter because he
sympathises with her for
whatever she may have been
going through. However now
that she has put it in the public
realm Cheif Fani-
Kayode is compelled
to formally respond. To the
assertion that he never knew her
and that they were never friends
he says this is false and he asks
why would he lie? The public
evidence is to the contrary. Chief
Fani-Kayode would not want to
say anything to embarrass her
because that would be
He sympathises with
her delicate situation and once
again he expresses his regrets
about the fact that his statement
about her was misconstrued.
We shall just leave it at that.

Signed by Mr. Bisi Lawal on
behalf of Femi Fani Kayode.

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I Was Never Femi Fani- Kayode’s Girlfriend- Bianca Ojukwu


Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-
Ojukwu’s widow and Nigeria’s
ambassador to Spain, Mrs. Bianca
Ojukwu, has described as false the
claim by former Aviation Minister,
Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, that she was his girlfriend when she was a spinster.

DailySun reports Bianca says she had never met Fani-Kayode before, either at official or private level, not to talk of having an “intimate” relationship with him.

In a letter from her lawyers, Wall Street Attorneys, to Fani-Kayode, dated August 27, 2013 and
signed by Mike Ugwuanyi, Esq, Mrs.
Ojukwu demanded that the former
minister writes an apology and
retraction of the said libelous
publication in The Sun and Thisday
newspapers, as well as publish it in the online publication, where it emanated, in the next seven days or face litigation.

The letter written by Mrs. Ojukwu’s
lawyers and obtained by The Sun read in part:

We have been briefed and our
services retained by Ambassador
Bianca Ojukwu, Nigeria’s
Ambassador to Spain to demand
from you an unreserved apology
and a retraction of a false and
malicious statement, which you
published online and also caused
to be published in the Leadership
Newspaper of August 16, 2013.
In the said article entitled,
‘Neither a Tribalist nor a Hater,’
you recklessly alleged, as
follows: ‘I was not a tribalist
when I had a long standing and
intimate relationship with Miss
Bianca Onoh…’, a statement,
which you know is untrue and
unfounded, but only calculated to
lower our client’s esteem and
damage her national and
international reputation.
Our client has never met you,
does not know you in person
and has never had any official or
private relationship with you
how much more ‘a long-standing
and intimate relationship.
Our client is therefore, outraged
by your bizarre and scandalous
allegation and the numerous
mails and telephone calls she has
received from friends, relations
and admirers who are equally
embarrassed and who seek to
confirm the veracity or
otherwise of your false and
reckless publication.
Your apparent lame and half-
hearted attempt, as published in
the Leadership Newspaper of
17th August 2013, to clarify your
false and malicious allegation
falls far short of a retraction and
does not sufficiently address the
damage to our client arising
from the widespread
dissemination of your false
publication and is therefore
unacceptable to our client.
In the circumstances, we
demand, on the instruction of
our client that you submit to her
a clear and unqualified apology
and retraction published in The
Sun and Thisday newspapers in
addition to having the retraction
published online.
Take note that should you fail to
tender the apology and publish a
retraction of your false and
malicious publication, seven days
next after your receipt of this
demand notice, our further
instructions are to seek
appropriate redress in court.
And that shall be without further
recourse to you. Be properly

Culled from

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More Photos From Omotola Family Vacation




For some days now, the whole family, comprising Omo Sexy, her hubby and four children, have been in the ancient city of Rome, the Italian capital, enjoying themselves.

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