Mike Adenuga: Search For, Recover ‘Lost & Abandoned Properties’


Billionaire Mike Adenuga has given
staffers a new task. To search for all of
his abandoned properties.
Sources disclosed this directive is a
taken as ‘a priority’ at the legal
department of the wealthy man’s
money maker multinational,


Investigations also revealed the
development that warranted the
exercise.s explained what the job

‘it is an expedient search for any
properties owned by Mr Adenuga or
any of his companies that have been
abandoned, left to waste’
According to an informant ‘ an estate
in Lagos wrote a letter of complaint to
the management of Globacom, that
weeds had over taken one of Mr
Adenuga’s properties …harbouring
criminals and
rodents in the process. The firm was
urged to come redress the situation for
the good of all, as soon as possible’
Insiders revealed the situation was
brought to the attention of the Multi
Billionaire philanthropist, and he
directed that ‘it is not just that
situation that should be taken care of,
but all others that can be unearthed-
that falls into that category nation
Further digs revealed, the Legal
Department was given the task of
looking through files to track down all
properties and to what task they have
been put to, to speed up the search.
According to a source ‘ the move is
yielding interesting finds, wide spread
rehabilitation and putting of
discoveries to better use by the day’

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