Aswad Ayinde Jailed 90 Years For Fathering 6 Kids With His Own Daughters


Music video director Aswad Ayinde,
55, who won an MTV award for
directing The Fugees’ ‘Killing Me
Softly’ in 1996, has been sentenced to
90 years in prison for repeatedly
raping his six daughters and fathering
six children with them. *spits out* how
disgusting is this guy?
Aswad Ayinde is accused of raping his
daughters to create a “pure” bloodline,
fathered six kids with them from the
mid-1980s to 2002 – and delivered the
babies himself, the court heard during
his trial last Friday
“He said the world was going to
end, and it was just going to be
him and his offspring and that
he was chosen,” his ex-wife,
Beverly Ayinde testified at a pre-
trial hearing.
Prosecutors said Ayinde kept the kids
from blabbing about the rape by
beating them and isolating them from
other children. All his daughters were
home schooled.
“I was afraid to ever accuse him
of being demented or being a
pedophile,” Beverly Ayinde, who
had 9 children with him told the
court. “I knew the word, but I
wouldn’t dare use it because it
would result in a beating.”
Prosecutors revealed that Mr. Ayinde
began having sex with his second
daughter from the time she eight-
years-old, impregnating her four


He faces three more trials over
the alleged assaults.

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